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LocationSunderland, England

Darwin Brewery is a Sunderland-based brewery[1] which opened in 1994 and expanded in 2002.[2]

Originally a brewing school of the University of Sunderland with an 18-gallon plant, the demand for the beers that were brewed there spurred an expansion and full commercialisation.

In 1997, Darwin acquired Hodges Brewery in Crook, County Durham, and used the premises as the main brewing plant until the 2002 expansion into their current premises in Hendon, Sunderland.

Beers brewed[edit]

  • Darwin Bitter (abv 3.6%)
  • Sunderland Best (abv 3.9%)
  • Evolution Ale (abv 4.0%)
  • Durham Light Ale (abv 4.0%)
  • Richmond Ale (abv 4.5%)
  • Saint's Sinner (abv 5.0%)
  • Rolling Hitch (abv 5.2%) ASDA BEER FESTIVAL CHAMPION 2005
  • Killer Bee (abv 6.0%)
  • Original Flag Porter (abv 5.0%)
  • Hop Drop (abv 5.3%) TESCO BEER CHALLENGE WINNER 2005


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