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The main[edit]

Linas Plankis, filologist, 38 years old, from Vilnius.

These are pages of my interest:

In Lithuanian language my talk page is under a name of LinasPL Also: wikibooks:User:LinasLit

And also[edit]

I have few branches of arts and sciences, where I'm competent to say at least something about. I'm interested in artificial languages, voice synthesis (especially what concern sentence intonation and structural differences in different languages), musical sound synthesis and tuning of electronic musical instruments (My own system is presented in general features in [1]). But I contribute very slightly only for respective categories in the wikipedia. It's because I don't feel myself strong in English for writing articles for an encyclopedia. My task here, I think, is to help provide the wikipedia with good information about Lithuania (where I live), particularly about its culture and Lithuanian language. Sometimes I dare to write greater pieces of articles too, but some of them may need copyediting or other improvement, concerning English. (I suppose, that cool and goodwilled (does the word exist??) copyeditors should like my articles very much, but fervent zealous defenders of purely English usage should hate them as well. But it's a part of life, and I know that native English speakers are the best acquainted to foreign accent and usages native speakers in the world.

The best wishes for all.
L. P.