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eo:Kolofono de:Kolophonium

Colophony (also called rosin) is the non-volatile component of resin obtained from conifers, especially pines. Cleaned and freed from water and essential oils, it is a brittle, brownish or yellowish substance. Note that rosin is a specific type of resin. Not all resins are rosins.

It chiefly consists of different resin acids, especially abietic acid.

Colophonium has various applications, including:

Colophony also is the name of a Ionic city, from which the resin got its name.

The city was (not is) Colophon. In most of the English-speaking world we use the word rosin. Yo, babe, toss me some Colophony slash Colophonium slash colophium so's I kin colophinize my fiddle bow... Caltrop